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CSG member companies service and maintain all brands and types of chillers. From large tonnage centrifugal chillers and absorbers to the latest in screw chiller technology, the CSG has the expertise you’re looking for. Contact your local CSG contractor for complete details.

Chiller Systems Group Services

CSG Member Companies provide full range chiller services form single chiller to multi -chiller district cooling plants. Chiller Types: Reciprocating, Scroll, Centrifugal and Absorption Chillers.


  • Complete Design & Installation of Chiller System.
  • Emergency Chiller Service.
  • Rental Chillers.
  • Full and Limited Maintenance Contracts.
  • Chiller Control Panel Service, Repair, Modernization and Complete Retrofit.
  • Starter Panel Service Repair and Retrofits including VFD installation.
  • Refrigerant Recovery.
  • Chiller Refrigerant conversion.
  • Chiller Overhauls.
  • Purge Service and Upgrade.
  • Eddy Current Testing.
  • Oil Analysis
  • Refrigerant Analysis.
  • Lithium Bromide Solution Analysis.
  • Vibration Analysis.

Contact your Local CSG Member to learn more about their products and services.

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