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The Chiller Systems Group

[sws_divider_padding] The Chiller Systems Group is a network of independent contractors dedicated to providing building owners with the highest level of chiller service and a highly qualified unbiased alternative to manufacturer’s service.  Members of the group are committed to sharing information and obtaining the training required to effectively manage the latest technologies.  Members collaborate with each other on problems when needed through an e-mail user group.  Annual meetings are held for training purposes, sharing of best practices, and exploring new ways to best meet the ever changing needs of our customers. [/sws_2_column] [sws_2_columns_last title=""]

Over 45 Independent Contractors

[sws_divider_padding] The Group is comprised of over 45 independent contractors who specialize in chiller systems service, with its members performing service annually on over 10,000 chillers. As independent contractors, chiller group members are uniquely qualified to service all makes of chillers since they are not limited to the technical training and literature of any one manufacturer. [sws_button class="" size="sws_btn_small" align="" href="https://chillergroup.com/csg-images/CSG-Membership-Application.pdf" target="_self" label="Membership Application" template="sws_btn_blue" textcolor="" bgcolor="" bgcolorhover="" glow="sws_btn_glow"] [/sws_button] [sws_button class="" size="sws_btn_small" align="" href="https://chillergroup.com/csg-images/CSG-Brochure1.pdf" target="_self" label="CSG Brochure" template="sws_btn_blue" textcolor="" bgcolor="" bgcolorhover="" glow="sws_btn_glow"] [/sws_button]

CSG 2021 Spring Meeting

Happy Spring! With vaccinations now going strong, I think it is safe to say our meeting will go on this fall, September 22-24th! The Hilton Hotel has been very accommodating, allowing us to reschedule three times. They are now ready to take our reservations: Please use this booking link for online reservations: https://book.passkey.com/go/ChillerSystemsSept21 Over the phone by calling 1-888-933-5363 or when making reservations on www.Hilton.com and referencing your group's three-letter code, CSG Your group's cutoff date for all reservations is August 19, 2021. We have a packed agenda as always. And we have a great spot for our dinner Thursday night, The Dakota Jazz Club. Look forward to seeing everyone in September! [sws_divider_padding]

Our Sponsors

[sws_divider_padding] [sws_hor_stab width="940" height="0" contentAnim="slideH" contentAnimTime="600" autoHeight="true" autoHeightTime="400" autoplay="true" autoplayInterval="8000"] [h_stab_panel title="MCS" description=""] Micro Control SystemsFounded in 1994, MCS is committed to provide practical solutions for the industries needs and to be both a leader and partner in the effective use of microprocessor controls. Every member of the MCS team strives for this goal, combining their many years of experience in order to produce quality products at a reasonable cost to the consumer. [sws_button class="" size="sws_btn_small" align="sws_btn_align_right" href="http://www.mcscontrols.com/" target="_blank" label="Visit Site" template="sws_btn_default" textcolor="" bgcolor="" bgcolorhover=""] [/sws_button] [/h_stab_panel] [h_stab_panel title="Schneider Electric" description=""] A global, innovative and responsible company. Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management solutions, is committed to help you grow your business through innovative HVAC/R equipment retrofit solutions like Condenser Fan Pak. Condenser Fan Pak is an energy efficient retrofit solution for air-cooled chillers that incorporates true floating high pressure control with variable speed operation of the condenser fans, all in a self contained, plug-and-play Retrofit Pak. [sws_button class="" size="sws_btn_small" align="sws_btn_align_right" href="http://www.schneider-electric.com/" target="_blank" label="Visit Site" template="sws_btn_default" textcolor="" bgcolor="" bgcolorhover=""] [/sws_button] [/h_stab_panel] [h_stab_panel title="FRS" description=""] Financial Risk SolutionsFinancial Risk Solutions, Inc. brings you over 30 years of unparalleled experience in the warranty and service contract arena. Our insurance brokers and consultants can develop the right program for your needs and find the proper insurance market to underwrite your specific program or risk. We're experts in our field, easy to do business with and ready to provide you with outstanding service. [sws_button class="" size="sws_btn_small" align="sws_btn_align_right" href="http://www.financialrs.com/" target="_blank" label="Visit Site" template="sws_btn_default" textcolor="" bgcolor="" bgcolorhover=""] [/sws_button] [/h_stab_panel] [h_stab_panel title="Bitzer" description=""] BitzerThe compressor is the heart of any refrigeration or air conditioning system. It must beat dependably. For over 75 years, the name BITZER has stood for worldwide leading compressor technology which gives you complete confidence in any refrigeration or air conditioning application. [sws_button class="" size="sws_btn_small" align="sws_btn_align_right" href="http://www.bitzerams.com//" target="_blank" label="Visit Site" template="sws_btn_default" textcolor="" bgcolor="" bgcolorhover=""] [/sws_button] [/h_stab_panel] [h_stab_panel title="Midwest" description=""] Midwest PartsWe specialize in York Genuine Parts including York Applied Parts. They are designed and engineered specifically for YORK equipment. They’re tested, both in the lab and in the field, to ensure that they are exactly right for the YORK systems they’re intended for, so they’ll always meet the original YORK specifications and quality standards. And only YORK parts are backed by a YORK warranty. [sws_button class="" size="sws_btn_small" align="sws_btn_align_right" href="http://midwestpartscenter.com/" target="_blank" label="Visit Site" template="sws_btn_default" textcolor="" bgcolor="" bgcolorhover=""] [/sws_button] [/h_stab_panel] [/sws_hor_stab]